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Our Mountain Fiasko

The trio infernale (Tasnad, Viola and I) did a little hike up the Rax. It was a perfect day until the weather turned on us. It was almost as sudden as back in Patagonia. We were in the middle of the Bismarcksteig and just couldn’t move on as it started to rain and the rocks got very slippery and it just wasn’t safe enough to continue any further. So all the way back where we came from. Bummer…

At least I got some cool shots of the storm that was moving in. Plus we made it back safely. That’s the most important thing. Never underestimate how quickly the weather can change in the mountains and be prepared for everything!

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Helmut Steiner is a professional photographer, software engineer and food addict living and working in Vienna, Austria. He loves to shoot with natural light but also experiments a lot in his studio in Lower Austria. He is known for his panoramic prints of nature and mountain scenes which are taken while exploring and travelling our beautiful planet.

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