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Hitchhiking Around Europe


My spare time is short and I rather spend my leisure time outside doing crazy stuff than in front of the screen. So I didn’t post a lot of private pictures in the last months. But autumn is here with all its rain and grayness. Furthermore I just finished a bigger project for my second work… soooo, why not spend a rainy day in front of the screen and edit some of those snapshots I took while hitchhiking for 2 1/2 weeks around Europe back in March.

No sooner said than done. But please don’t expect anything fancy… Heck, some of them are even made with my crappy old phone… As written above, those pictures are only snapshots of friends, truck drivers that took me along or some random street stuff… BUT they are “true”, not posed (except some portraits) and remind me of my trip. That’s why they have meaning to me.

My first stop was Berlin where I visited friends I met during my around the world trip. We went to a quite extreme party in a club together so our styling was accordingly. but see for yourself…

After Berlin I hitchhiked to Hamburg where I couchsurfed at Jan’s place. He is currently sailing around the world. The second person I was staying at was Philipp a young artist from Hamburg. He produces really great artworks both in photoshop and also traditionally. Here are my Hamburg impressions…

After Hamburg I visited Amsterdam. I was really lucky with the people who stopped to take me along. They were all very friendly and more helpful than I could have ever imagined!! One of them was even making a detour to get me closer to the Netherlands… Most of the way I was hitchhiking with two Czech guys. We were stopped at the border by a police motorbike and guided to a parking lot where only Czech vehicles were controlled. So much to stereotypes…
In Amsterdam I stayed in a student’s home with my friend Lea who I got to know in Laos (again on my world trip).

The next stop was Cologne. It was quite dark during those days with gray clouds covering the whole sky. But that’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a few Kölsch with my lovely host Giulia. I stopped counting how many churches including the Kölner Dom I visited during those two days.

Last but not least was Zurich. This beautiful city lies directly at a big lake which is surrounded by mountains. I love both the water and the Alps. So this was heaven for me. I fell in love with Zurich. My hosts were a bunch of students who rented a house a little outside of town and Dominique and Pascal (the cousins of one of my best friends). When I arrived a big party was going on in the students’ house with beer, BBQ and great people. We started to bake pizza in the middle of the night in their outdoor stone pizza oven. Sooo delicious!! Gitti, another couchsurfing host, took care of me and showed me around Zurich at night. Thank you!! Furthermore I had the chance to meet up with Angela whom I met in Fiji (you wouldn’t guess it – on my world trip) and make new friends.


A big hug to everyone who took me along, let me stay at his/her place and showed me around during those 2 1/2 weeks! Thank you all!!!

About the Author:

Helmut Steiner is a professional photographer, software engineer and food addict living and working in Vienna, Austria. He loves to shoot with natural light but also experiments a lot in his studio in Lower Austria. He is known for his panoramic prints of nature and mountain scenes which are taken while exploring and travelling our beautiful planet.

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