¡Viva México!

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¡Viva México!

Our time in Mexico was far too short. There was just enough time for Mexico City, the area around it, Oaxaca and the beautiful landscape of Sierra Norte. I never thought that Mexico is that diverse. During our trip we learned how Mezcal is produced, the traditional way of dying and producing Mexican wool and of course how hot Mexican food really can be…

All that glitters is not gold. Mexico has its drawbacks as well. Most people you encounter are really friendly. Nonetheless, heavily armed police forces and military patrols leave a displeasing feeling. This is even enforced when there is an armed robbery on the main square of Mexico City. Said event happened about 150m from our hostel and included a bloody shootout between the robbers and the police. Mass panic, people running for their lives and screaming at the top of their lungs. Far from quiet travels as you can imagine…

In Oaxaca I felt pretty safe on the other hand. You could even walk home in the middle of the night without fearing to get beaten up, mugged, stabbed or threatened with a gun. The food on the market was just awesome and really cheap. There was at least one parade going on at any time of the day. Gunshots gave way to fireworks, as loud but not as frightening. Mexicans know how to celebrate life, every single day!

For me the best thing by far was Sierra Norte where we stayed in a small village. As we got out of the bus we were immediately taken away by nature at its best. Hundreds of humming birds flying all over the place and feeding on stunning colourful flowers.

Mexico is really controversial but I enjoyed every second of being there. Greetings to all those great people I met along the way: Obed, Ana, Hannah, Frederico, Alexandra, James, Frederike … just to name a few. Keep on living the dream!

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