After the incident in Auckland we needed some time for relaxation. Time to reload the batteries and get our minds clear again. Fiji was the right place for that. No internet, no stress, just Fiji time. At first we wanted to do some island hopping but as we were constantly on the road for 3 months we enjoyed being just at one place for a while. We stayed at the Mana Lagoon Backpackers on Mana Island. A great place with very kind people who became friends during our stay. We went diving, caught fish with harpoons, climbed palm trees to get coconuts and learned the traditional Fijian way of cooking. It was an amazing time. I wish I was there again…

Special greetings to Kevin, Anna-Lena, Samira, J.C., Dale, Kieran, Agus, Luciano, Maria and all people at Mana Lagoon! BULA!

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Helmut Steiner is a professional photographer, software engineer and food addict living and working in Vienna, Austria. He loves to shoot with natural light but also experiments a lot in his studio in Lower Austria. He is known for his panoramic prints of nature and mountain scenes which are taken while exploring and travelling our beautiful planet.

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